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Calgary’s 5G Discovery Zone is Canada’s first downtown 5G test environment. It will enable researchers, developers, and companies to develop, refine, and test new applications and technologies that leverage the benefits of 5G networks.

By leveraging existing infrastructure, the 5G Discovery Zone streamlines connectivity and testing environments, making it easier for academia, researchers, start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises to research and commercialize their products. Within this test environment, collaborators can explore the potential of 5G connectivity and enhance their products and services. Collaborators will also be able to investigate the economic benefits and opportunities that can be unlocked through enhanced 5G connectivity.

Focus areas and use cases

Calgary’s 5G Discovery Zone will focus on developing innovative solutions in three key areas:

  1. Transportation and mobility
  2. Public safety
  3. Climate and environment

This initiative paves the way for a future where smart intersections streamline traffic, real-time data enables first responders to react quicker and more effectively to emergency responses, and environmental monitoring ensures a sustainable world.

Program Details

Open to local and international innovators, Calgary’s 5G Discovery Zone will support selected applicants through three programs. Participants will have access to Rogers’ 5G network and receive essential testing tools, support and other resources to enhance product development and problem-solving.

Sean Chu

Sean Chu arrived in Calgary from Taiwan in 1985 speaking not a word of English, and within 7 years he was a sworn officer with the Calgary Police Service. From that point on Sean worked with the Calgary Police Service as on Officer for 21 years in a number of roles until 2013.

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