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Many Calgary restaurants and bars were planning to re-open and will need our help even more until the 25th of May. The costs to make their establishments prepared for patrons to dine in, means costs for dividers, cleaning supplies, re-hiring staff, and the biggest hit will be the inventory of food.

We have been showing our support for local eateries and coffee shops who have been doing take-out, now we need to show our support for those that were planning to open, but have to wait until the 25th. Alberta Heath Services are doing their job, and are looking out for all of Albertans health. This does not mean I am in support of how this was communicated. I was also a small business owner myself, and the profit margins for a restaurant are low. Many of our local eateries and pubs only had enough capital to re-open once…not twice.

We must now turn our attention to those that were planning to re-open but now must wait, and we should support these places by ordering from them, to help recover some costs. We all have a local watering hole, or a favourite eatery, so check their social media feeds to see if they were planning to open and show them your support with your wallet if you can. I know from the many phone calls and emails I get, that many of you are hurting, so this is not an easy ask. Do what you can.

In my community of Edgemont, we have Friends Cafe, Bobby Chaos, Surya, Edgemont City, and I will be ordering from them. Every community has their own local spots. This is by no means is a list of every place in our Ward, but ones that I have been to after door knocking or just frequenting after a constituent meeting. See if they were planning to open, and show support – if you can.


Edgemont: Friends. Café. Bobby Chaos. Surya. Edgemont City

Dalhousie: Earls. Kinjo. BP

Brentwood: OJs. Menchies. Bagel. Kilkenny. Jameson’s. Harvey’s. Tomato Basil

Charleswood: Lotus. Canterra Café. Riverstone Pub. C.B. Drive Inn

Cambrian: Bullet Café. Bliss and Co. Puspa

Highwood: Rau Bistro. Stavros. Flavours

TGCA/HPK: So many to list in the Greenview area, with pubs and distilleries. Also the CA has its own eatery and you can order liquor from them. Viet West. Pho Mai Thy. Brickwell Taphouse. Orchids Pastry. Claire de Lune. There are many along Edmonton Trail. Queens Breakfast.

Huntington: Sushi Kimu. Pho Thanh. Hunterhorn Bakery Cherry Inn. Black Ball Pub

Beddington: Tims. A&W

Sandstone/MacEwan: Tims. DQ. Subway. Little Cesar’s. Brixton Pub.


If you have a favourite one, tag them, and share it with your neighbours and friends.


Sean Chu

Sean Chu

Sean Chu arrived in Calgary from Taiwan in 1985 speaking not a word of English, and within 7 years he was a sworn officer with the Calgary Police Service. From that point on Sean worked with the Calgary Police Service as on Officer for 21 years in a number of roles until 2013.

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