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Roads has finalized the schedule for the 2022 Pavement Rehabilitation Program. This memo is to inform you of where to find further information regarding roadways within the City of Calgary that have been selected for pavement rehabilitation and repair throughout the summer months.


We strive to keep Calgarians moving and infrastructure operating at peak efficiency. This program supports the objectives of One Calgary as well as the achievement of performance measurements such as the percentage of roadway pavement in good or very good condition. This year, the focus of the program is primarily on restoring major roads condition and addressing citizen requests. As part of the prioritization process, roadways selected for pavement rehabilitation throughout Calgary are determined through an extensive evaluation process which includes various road condition surveys, engineering evaluation, and 311 repaving requests.


As we prepare for the 2022 construction season, we are making strides in improving how the Pavement Rehabilitation Program schedule is communicated and coordinated with stakeholders. The Roadway Activity Map, launched three years ago, provides real-time information on locations and schedules. See the road work brochure for more details on both the paving and concrete processes.


The Pavement Rehabilitation maps and schedule along with frequently asked question (FAQs) are now posted on It is important to note that paving schedules are subject to change due to weather and other emergency road repairs.


We look forward to continuing to provide ward communities with public service excellence during this year’s construction season.

Sean Chu

Sean Chu arrived in Calgary from Taiwan in 1985 speaking not a word of English, and within 7 years he was a sworn officer with the Calgary Police Service. From that point on Sean worked with the Calgary Police Service as on Officer for 21 years in a number of roles until 2013.

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