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I am sharing this news link below since it is a great executive summary of the issue, the public reaction, and what the new fee structure is. Other links attached for context.

Here is also the link to the city’s website for residential permit.


From Calgary City News

Starting in December, new fees for residential street parking in select Calgary neighbourhoods will come into effect, but the costs will be less than what was initially proposed.

Calgarians were frustrated when the increased fees were first announced back in March.

This prompted an online petition against changes to the city’s residential parking permit program that garnered more than 15,000 signatures, and led to a delay.

A briefing note to the city’s planning and infrastructure committee this week says costs to residents will amount to about 40 per cent less, mainly due to a drop in costs for things like enforcement, which the city says is now faster and uses fewer resources.

According to the city, an average net revenue of $603,000 can be attributed to residential parking infractions over the last four years.

Under the newly proposed pay plan, one parking permit in residential parking zone will cost $30 per year, $45 for a second, and $70 for a third.

Visitor permits are now $45 each.

Sean Chu

Sean Chu arrived in Calgary from Taiwan in 1985 speaking not a word of English, and within 7 years he was a sworn officer with the Calgary Police Service. From that point on Sean worked with the Calgary Police Service as on Officer for 21 years in a number of roles until 2013.

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