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Beginning August 8, Calgary District Heating Inc. will begin the first phase of a significant utility relocation project. Phase 1 will impact 5 Avenue between 2 and 3 Street S.W., taking up the three centre lanes of the road, leaving two lanes for through-traffic. A plan has been developed to potentially reverse one lane of 6 Avenue, coinciding with higher expected traffic volumes in September.

This impact from Phase 1 is expected to be in place until late September 2023.

Phase 2 of this project will close 3 Street S.W. between 5 and 6 Avenue for approximately five-to-six weeks.
Phase 3 of this project will require the closure of two northern lanes of 6 Avenue between 2 and 3 Street S.W.


Frequent Questions: 

1. What is the scope of the project? Over three phases, CDHI will be building new utility infrastructure which avoids conflicts with the future Green Line LRT alignment. This project will require the closure of three lanes in the centre of 5 Avenue between 2 and 3 Street S.W., leaving two through-lanes.

2. What is the timeline schedule of the project? The first phase will begin on August 8 and go until late September. All three phases are expected to be finished by early January.

3. What are some of the impacts related to this project? Significant lane reductions will be the most impactful element during this project, particularly in Phase 1.

4. What engagement has taken place related to this project? Building owners and operators have been engaged on-site to discuss impacts and required mitigations.

Sean Chu

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