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March is Community Association Awareness month in Calgary

This March, The City of Calgary and the Federation of Calgary Communities are celebrating 156 community associations that represent more than 250 neighbourhoods in our city for Community Association Awareness month.

Every year, more than 20,000 community association volunteers contribute thousands of hours to organize and host social, recreational and educational programs and events in every neighbourhood across Calgary.

“The City has proclaimed the month of March as Community Association Awareness Month, showing how we value our community associations and the many ways these volunteer-run neighbourhood organizations give an important voice to Calgary’s communities,” said Tim Mowrey, Manager of Community Partners at The City of Calgary.

“Community Associations are a great way to connect with your neighbours and make your community a better place,” adds Mowrey.

He hopes more Calgarians will consider volunteering, purchasing a membership or joining their community association Board.

“Joining my community association was a great way to get to know more people in my community, to make links between my neighbours, and help them to be part of our community,” said Adev Ahluwalia, President of the St. Andrews Heights Community Association for the past 18 months.

“I started helping with our community soccer program 15 years ago, when my kids were younger. I did that for four or five years and then soon joined the board as the vice president of sports and eventually moved to the role of vice president residential development,” adds Ahluwalia about how he first started volunteering. “I had been involved for so long and knew the issues that are important to our community that I decided to run for the role of President.”

“Anyone can join their community association and make a difference. There are many levels of government that we deal with, I feel this is the entry-level where you can really make a difference,” adds Adev.

The City partners with community associations through Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinators (NPCs). They help with partnership management, organizational development and connecting community associations to resources. Community associations can find City resources on, where there is a community association online toolkit.

“Community associations are the heart of neighbourhoods, providing support, resources and services that enhance the quality of life for Calgarians. They bring neighbours together, build social connections and address common concerns and issues that affect the neighbourhood,” said Leslie Evans, Executive Director of the Federation of Calgary Communities. “Community associations also serve as a vital link between citizens and our municipal government, ensuring community needs are met, and that citizens have a voice in shaping the future of their neighbourhoods. “

In celebration of Community Association Awareness Month, please consider connecting with your local community association, attending an event, joining a program, volunteering or becoming a member of your community association. Learn more here and join our social media campaign using #ILoveMyCAyyc and #bepartofit, all month.


About the Federation of Calgary Communities

Since 1961, The Federation has worked to build the capacity of community-focused organizations by developing and delivering resources, education, and professional services. Its work empowers people to guide their organization with confidence and clarity. For more information, visit

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