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Red & Blue Line CTrain Service Disruptions

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Starting Saturday, October 8, 2022 (start of service) to Monday, October 10 (end of service) there will be no Red Line CTrain service between Sunnyside and 39 Avenue Stations; and no Blue Line CTrain service between Downtown West/Kerby and Bridgeland/Memorial Stations. All downtown CTrain stations will be closed. This is to facilitate CTrain maintenance works and Victoria Park/Stampede Station reconstruction.
Red Line CTrain:
• The Red Line CTrain from the south will terminate at 39 Avenue Station, while the Red Line CTrain from the northwest will terminate at Sunnyside Station.
Red Line Replacement Shuttle:
• The Red Line CTrain Replacement Shuttle will provide service between Sunnyside and 39 Avenue stations (see attached bulletin RC-22567 for routing and stops).
Blue Line CTrain:
• The Blue Line CTrain from the west will terminate at Downtown West/Kerby, while the Blue Line from the northeast will terminate at Bridgeland/Memorial Station.
Blue Line Replacement Shuttles:
• The Blue Line CTrain Replacement shuttle will provide service between Downtown West/Kerby and Bridgeland/Memorial stations. (see attached bulletin RC-22568 for routing and stops).
Information on the closures are available at Calgary Transit webpage CTrain Service Information ( and at the affected stations.
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