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On Sept. 16th, 2023, Council gave initial approval to design a secondary suite incentive program. The program team is now working on the next steps in the implementation of that action item. These include budget approvals, eligibility, and timelines for the program.

There is a lot of information on the website about secondary suites, how to register them, and what the current fire and safety codes are.

Before you apply

Use this page to help guide you through submitting a complete application. We will explain when you need a permit, what permits you need, what your application requirements are and go over some common rules relating to your project.

Do you need a permit?

To legalize an existing secondary suite, you will need a building permit if:

  • Your existing basement or in-law suite includes both a bathroom and cooking facilities in the unit. Even if you are not planning to rent out the unit, you must apply for the necessary secondary suite permits.
  • Your suite is accessible from outside without passing through the main dwelling unit (a shared stairwell is acceptable but each unit must have a private entrance)
  • Your suite was built prior to March 12, 2018. If your suite was built after March 12, 2018, please visit build a new secondary suite.

To convert an existing basement, developed without cooking facilities, to a legal secondary suite, please apply for a new secondary suite.

Building safety approval (building permit)

Building safety approval is to make sure that the structure meets building safety requirements. Review the construction (building code information) section of this page for more information.

When do you need additional permits?

You may require additional permits depending on if it meets the rules of the Land Use Bylaw or if you are doing any additional work including electrical or plumbing.
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