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Street Cleaning – Find out when your street is next!

By April 15, 2024One Comment

The City’s Spring Clean-up program, or street sweeping, removes debris and leftover materials from winter on the roadway. The program begins in mid-April (weather permitting) and runs through June, with community sweeping happening Monday through Fridays, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Calgarians can stay notified by watching for signs in their community, using the address lookup, or signing up for e-mail and/or text notifications.

The City’s street sweeping program cleans over 16,000 lane kilometres of paved roads. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Watch for signs in your community, use the address lookup or sign-up for e-mail/text notifications.
  • On your sweeping day, move your car. Driveways, garages and alleyways are great alternatives (be sure to leave enough clearance).
  • If you have front street collection on your sweeping date, keep your bin off the road. Other locations include grassy boulevards and your lawn. Please don’t block the sidewalk.
  • Be sure to remove any non-standard, prohibited driveway ramps from the curb and gutter of a road that provides access to a front driveway onto private property. Please ensure any other obstructions, such as basketball nets, are also removed from the roadway.

Street sweeping parking bans

Before a Street Sweeping Parking ban goes in effect, City crews will put up community signs with “No Parking” symbols a few days earlier at specific locations around the community. These signs are verified by Calgary Parking, who help enforce the ban. Calgarians can also sign up for e-mail/text notifications or perform the address lookup on to find out their sweeping date.

Community parking bans occur Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any vehicle that has not been removed from the street during the ban is subject to a ticket. Calgary Parking uses camera vehicles for enforcement, and tickets will arrive through the mail.

In certain areas, vehicles may also be subject to towing if the small 3-feet high “No Parking” signs are placed along the roadway. These signs will be placed at least a minimum of 24 hours prior to street sweeping.

If vehicles are towed:

  • to a nearby space, the vehicle owner will be issued a street sweeping ticket.
  • to an impound lot, the vehicle owner pays the ticket, tow, and impound fee.
Residential street sweeping ticket fees for non-compliance
Payment date Fine amount


Paid after 30 days






Paid before 30 days






Paid within 10 days




Sean Chu

Sean Chu arrived in Calgary from Taiwan in 1985 speaking not a word of English, and within 7 years he was a sworn officer with the Calgary Police Service. From that point on Sean worked with the Calgary Police Service as on Officer for 21 years in a number of roles until 2013.

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